Proffesional activation

Professional activation of the unemployed, including those professionally inactive, has been the basic challenge for the all country. Proffesional activation is the way to find a job. People want to work but sometimes this is not possible because people have gap in education. Therfore should help people whose want to change own situation.

We have to change it because the structural data regarding unemployment during last 10 years (2003-2013) shows that the number of unemployed people in age 45+ in Poland and Czech doubled, in Spain tripled and in the Netherlands increased by around 40%. Additionally, the economical crisis in Europe influenced many traditional sectors and made the structural unemployment more serious in these countries. People employed in traditional sectors, were not attractive for other areas, found themselves on the edge of society. In 2013 around 20% of people in age 45+ in EU were socially excluded. In the meantime selected sectors of economy had significant part in economies of choose partners’ countries. The number of employees in wood processing industry in the Netherlands was over 20000 people but at the same time in Poland there were 75 000 (+20% vs 2008 year); Spain 23 000 (-30% vs 2008) and in smaller Czech Republic even 30 000 (similar like in 2008).

People in age 45+

The problem of exclusion of proffesional can meet all person but people in age 45+ are really often group with problem of finding a job. They represent traditional sectors of economy, there are at risk of social exlusion or already were excluded. This problem relevant many people in age 45+. In the labour market age is a barier when person in medium age looks for a work. Employers think stereopically about production and disposition to learn new thing about people in age 45+. But we can chage thinking about this people!