Technological Centre of Furniture and Wood of the Region of Murcia


      CETEM is a non-profit scientific research and training organization located in the south east of Spain. CETEM was created due to aninitiative of the private companies from the furniture and working sectors of the Region of Murcia, and established in 1995 with the initial support of the regional government, the Spanish Ministry of Industry and the European Union. CETEM is formed by 30 professionals with different backgrounds: engineering, technology transfer, business administration, chemistry, psychology, teaching, design, etc. Which scope is to contribute actively towards the socioeconomic development of companies, by providing support and promoting processes of technology innovation and development, such as strategies of competitiveness in the business environment and training programmes. In spite of having witnessed difficult conditions in 2008, the Spanish furniture market currently supposes 4.6M€ with restoring tendency, representing a 5% of share all around Europe.


    OIGPM - Ogólnopolska Izba Gospodarcza Producentów Mebli


      The Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers, OIGPM, protects the interests of its members and of the entire furniture sector. The Chamber represents more tan 100 enterprises from the furniture and related sector in discussions with government and non-government organizations. The main activities of the chamber are focused on promotion and representing Polish furniture sector on national and international level. Because of this, the main goals of the chamber are achieved by:

  • The promotion of Polish entities of the furniture trade being the members of OIGPM as well as their products at national and international level with the help of Trademark "POLISH FURNITURE - PROVEN QUALITY ” as well as integration of the members of the Chamber round Trademark.

  • The organizational-law service, consulting and informational in the frame of both the economic activity and management.

  • Promotion and Dissemination activities (specially in OIGPM Bulletin and in Rzeczpospolita).

  • Advertising activities (for example during International furniture fairs in Poznań Meble.Polska).

  • Activities connected with the organization of the fair trades and exhibitions.

  • Research and Innovation services related to the furniture market and the public opinion.

  • Delivering on the resolution of the authorities or the other entities opinions and information about existing trade habits, prices, the origin of goods and the other opinions and information concerning the economic trade and companies.

  • Representing the furniture sector in front of the national authorities in the aim of protecting their economic and business interests

  • Creating, with using of the existing regulations, courts of conciliation to settle the disputes based on the economic background.

  • Technical, economic and law services, what includes analysis and consultancy services.


    Textile Testing Institute


      In present, the Textile Testing Institute (TZÚ) is a leader in branch of testing and certification in the Czech Republic and is involved in many other activities within the experimental development.

      The accredited testing laboratory is a credit thanks to its accreditation number, which is 1001, and offers several hundreds of tests for nearly all types of textile products. TZU also under No. 3003 became just the third certification body in the history of accreditation in our country, it has taken leading position in the certification of textile enterprises. The testing is linked with certification and CE marking, including the production management system certifications. Although the certification body No. 3044 for products was not among the first ones to have been accredited, it has succeeded to obtain for the TZU the authorization AO 219 and notification for EU NB 1021.

      The rapid progress in our branch also requires keeping the knowledge up-to-date; therefore, TZU offers educational activities based on the outcomes of Leonardo da Vinci international projects in which it takes part. TZÚ is experienced and interested in development of VET with application of ECVET. We organize regular training for both- quality managers and sale people who are imparted in the experience in solving the complaints by forensic experts.

      TZU was coordinator of the project IQ for ECVET (2013) and since 2003 has been almost 10 times as a partner in LdV international project and 4 times a coordinator of national VET projects.

      TZU was a partner in national project focused on education of upholsterers and decorators in basic knowledge of materials, design, ergonomy, testing, technical standards, claims and rule of furniture sales between 2011 - 2014. This was very complex and useful activity in furniture branch.

      TZU was also as a partner in international project, where the interactive portal related to the technical normalization in furniture branch was created. The portal contains besides the set of technical standards also a virtual house and terminology dictionary.

      TZU is very active also in research activities and projects within 2 important Czech clusters: KCN – Furniture cluster and CLUTEX – Cluster of technical textiles.


    HMC mbo vakschool


      The HMC (Vocational College for Woodworking, Furniture and Interior Design) is a small-scale, independent senior secondary vocational college which has been in existence since 1929 and which focuses on professionalism, creativity and entrepreneurship. We train both young people and older people for the woodworking and furniture sector and for the home and interior sector. In addition, we provide a number of training courses for small specialist professions, such as a creative professional and piano technician. The HMC has teaching locations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and is a relatively small college. As a result, the college has a personal character and a safe atmosphere. The teachers at the HMC have themselves worked in the field for years and some still do.

      Over the years, close contacts have been built up with the business sector so the training links well with the working practice and there is a wide choice of work placements for our students. The sectors for which we offer training are also closely involved in the training. Members of the Supervisory Board and the advisory committees are representatives of the employers and employer organizations from the sectors for which the HMC offers training.

      The HMC offers mainstream education (school-based pathway and training on the job pathway), on the grounds of the Act on education and vocational training (WEB). Furthermore, the HMC offers courses and training for employees in the sectors and a wide range of cursory educational routes for private parties.


    The Faculty of Wood Technology - Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW


      The Faculty of Wood Technology from the University of Warsaw is one of the oldest European academic faculties dealing with furniture industry and wood sciences problematic. Established in 1948, it started working as part units from the Faculty of Forestry.

      They were established a few years later an independent science-didactic unit. Currently the main activities carried out under this faculty are focused on:

  • Improving the innovative character of science studies.

  • Improving the quality of student´s education.

  • Extending the didactical offer.

  • Tightening cooperation with furniture and wood industry.

      Currently, the main areas of specific expertise the faculty are:

  • Materials science: Wood based products, wood chemistry, wooden composites, wood preservation, wood structure and physics, drying, adhesion phenomena, coatings, etc.

  • Furniture: Design, safety and production technologies, restoration, management, marketing and entrepreneurship.

  • Wood processing: Machining tools, and machines for wood industry, processing technologies.

  • Wooden structures and buildings.

      The mission of the Division of Construction and Technology of Final Wood is the spread of innovative technology around enterprises from the furniture and woodworking sector in order to increase their competitiveness, which is one of the main determinant factors in their development. However Polish furniture industry shows that it doesn’t lead to development of enterprises.