How to motive to find a job?

When unemployed persons can’t find a job for a long time, they often give up. It’s hard to find a right motivation. There are some advices from Kevin Donlin – the author of “51 Ways to Find a Job fast”.

- Find the true answer for a question – why? Our motivation rises when we define reason of finding the job. The biggest, but the worst reason is need to have a money. Good motivator is desire to developing talents and meetings with people.

- Deadline isn't bad – lack of definite date not help in implementation of plans. There is a big difference between statement: 'I will do this soon' and ' I will do this till the end of week'. Definite date is a good motivator. Deadline should be rational – not to much close and to much far.

- Everyday write yours goals in finding job. Things which are written are ‘stronger’ then things which are said. Write your plans for definite days – it’s better than planning your activities for a whole month.