The objective of the Project Beyond45 is professional activation of people in age 45+, who come from and represent traditional sectors of economy, who are at risk of social exclusion or already were excluded in the absence of adequate competencies in terms of labor market requirements.

      The project sets up diffusions in 4 sectors of economy:

      1. Furniture sector,

      2. Wood-based materials (chipboards, plywood, MDF, and other),

      3. Building in context of finishing works with use of wood,

      4. Electronic in context of interior design and intelligent furniture design.

      Beyond45 implements markets trends related to development of ICT and electronic technologies. The intelligent solutions are used widely in everyday life. This phenomenon is called IoT (Internet of Things) and expands on many areas of life: smart furniture, home automation, smart cities.

      The trend causes that traditional industries and entrepreneurs face the deficit of skills and they will look for employees with the knowledge of traditional industry and new technologies. The adaptation of these trends to the area of education will increase the adequacy of the workforce, it may initiate the development of entrepreneurship in the direction of innovative new products, combining traditional and modern sectors of the economy.