3rd partner meeting of the project BEYOND45 in TZU

3rd partner meeting of the international project was held in TZU on 22.-23 May 2017. Representatives of all 5 partners were participated in this meeting. As a newcomers were welcomed Alena Capíková from TZU and Tjalling Mulder from HMC (NL).

2 day meeting was divided in 2 parts.

First day was focused on the main outputs of the project. The main discussion was carried out about content of educational modules as the main outputs of project. Finally was agreed the extend of each 6 modules, deadlines for English version and national versions. It was set at October 2017.

Next part was focused on practical aspects of ECVET in project Beyond45. Team of TZU suggested the Unit of learning outcomes related to the topic “Veneering”. It was found as general enough but on the other hand it is common topic for at least 3 prepared educational modules. It will be very effective to show practical application of ECVET. It will be processed into document which will be part of intellectual output 4.

Demanding working day was followed by very pleasant guide tour through Brno city centrum a closed by visiting the Brewery restaurant Starobrno.

The second day was focused on financial aspects, dissemination and planning of next steps. 4th partner meeting will be held in Amsterdam in November 2017.